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One Traveller fully understands there are many hurdles involved when deciding to travel solo for the first time. One Traveller was started by escorted Tour Manager Ian Darkin, whose passion very much lays in escorting singles holidays. With this understanding and passion, not just anyone can become a One Traveller Tour Manager; below are people specially chosen by us for you.

Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams

Daniel researches new destinations for future One Traveller holidays using over 18 years experience as a Tour Manager. The southern US states are a true passion for Daniel with his extensive love of music, the rich history and culture that is like no other in North America. Whilst more office based he refuses to give up showing people his favourite region. Daniel knows the greatest places to eat, shop, museums to visit, enjoy live music and as a clarinet player somewhat fond of true New Orleans Jazz.

Mature single traveller Tour Manager, Jill Kogler

Jill Kogler

Having fallen for the charms of a native resident twenty four years ago, Jill has embraced the Austrian way of life and enjoys describing and showing the region that is her home. Regaling family stories and the traditions and way of life that is unique to the lakes and Tyrol region. Jill has repeatedly been highly praised and commended for bringing this stunning region to life.

Singles holidays escorted Tour Manager, Jana Martinikova

Jana Martinikova

Much loved and highly praised by One Traveller guests; Jana has the right mix of organisation, knowledge and care all mixed with a wickedly dry sense of humour to give our guests a great One Traveller holiday experience and has developed quite a following. Having grown up in the cold war era in Prague her family stories add that personal touch that no guide book can ever offer.

Single traveller Tour Manager, Jan Lumley

Jan Lumley

Jan's enthusiam for Italy and especially Lake Garda is infectious, she has been working in Italy for twelve years and loves the country's culture, scenery, food and its fabulous cities.  Italy is a beautiful tapestry with each region having its own particular charm and local individuality.  For Jan, Lake Garda is paradise on earth with the added bonus of the Dolomite mountains, the romantic city of Verona and of course the jewel that is Venice.  Travel with her and she assures me you will experience the magic and want to go back time and time again.

Kate Smith and our Russian historian Igor

Kate Smith

Wanting to change careers over ten years ago Kate took time out to travel. She is all too aware that often the holiday is the “trip of a lifetime” and strives to give all our guests the best possible experience. Her lively, caring personality underpinned by great organisational skills and attention to detail mean guests can relax and share her sense of fun, knowing they are in safe hands and everything will be taken care of.

Elaine Koch

Elaine Koch

Today, living just across the border in Switzerland, Elaine feels truly at home in the Black Forest and has a wealth of knowledge and a plethora of ideas on where to go and what to see and explore.  One Traveller guests are guaranteed to benefit from her knowledge of her favourite region of Europe. Elaine speaks fluent German (well Swiss German) and French.

One Traveller Tour Manager, David Crawford

David Crawford

Currently living in Spain and having spent the last 27 years on the road as a Tour Manager, David is a charismatic chap who knows the world. Fluent in German and very comfortable in the Austrian Lakes area he will have you feeling at home in no time.

One Traveller Tour Manager, Suzanne Brown

Suzanne Brown

Suzanne spent many years arranging student itineraries for the University of Leicester and 15 years ago decided spread her wings and become a Tour Manager. Her Knowledge of many corners of the world is extensive and she loves adding little extra walks or detours to show people hidden gems whilst escorting holidays and as a keen photographer she knows where to capture those perfect moments.

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

As a Tour Manager Richard has travelled to some 105 countries; from the cultural capitals of Europe and beyond. Wherever Richard works as a Tour Manager he tells us he works to one simple motto "wherever I am travelling to in the world and whatever style of holiday I am leading, I have a simple but important focus for each holiday and that is this: People come first, middle and last in our business."

One Traveller Tour Manager, Carole Mutch

Carole McKenna

I've worked as a tour manager for 25 years and so have a wealth of experience leading tours to many wonderful destinations, I can honestly say that I've never been anywhere that I wouldn't be happy to go back to. My guests are always my priority and I try to provide a fabulous holiday experience from start to finish. My relaxed, friendly approach puts people at their ease straight away and my attention to detail guarantees a stress free holiday filled with many special moments.

One Traveller Tour Manager, Richard Lord

Richard Lord

Being able to show people around the world is a great privilege. I enjoy immersing people in all aspects of the countries that I take them to; from the food to local traditions and culture. I have lived in Italy and America and have also travelled extensively as a tourist and Tour Manager. There are not many places left in the world that I haven't seen. My best reward, doing this job, is when my guests tell me how much they have enjoyed their experiences on tour.

I broke away from the 'real world' sixteen years ago and cannot envisage myself enjoying any other occupation as much as I do being a Tour Manager. People will ask me where would be a perfect place in the world to live. My answer would be a list of at least sixteen different places. This considered I think it best that I keep on introducing people to the amazing places that there are on this planet of ours!

Charles Darkin

Charles has been living in Prague for over 10 years and is a qualified local guide. When he is not guiding and Tour Managing Charles teaches English to local Czech people. He speaks the local language fluently and his aim will be to get you speaking Czech by the end of the holiday! As well as showing you around this beautiful city Charles will be working hard to ensure you're well looked after.

Charles also has his own website for private guiding in Prague: www.charlesdarkin.co.uk

Rob Sharp

Robert Sharp

Having worked as a tour manager now for almost 12 years I can genuinely say that rather than it being a job it's become a way of life; having been born in Zambia I guess traveling must be in the blood!

I have extensive knowledge of large parts of Asia, Europe, the United States & Australasia. If I were to be asked where my favourite destination is I honestly couldn't say as there are so many wonderful places & wonderful people out there.

The greatest satisfaction in being a Tour Manager is knowing that hopefully, what I do each & every day while away provides the fantastic people I meet with memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Milenko Balogh

Milenko Balogh

Milenko is a local from Budapest and is very proud of his beautiful city and loves to show off all of its nooks and crannies.

When he is not Tour Managing Milenko is a qualified local guide and can often been seen guiding groups and individuals through the city and into the stunning Parliament building.

We spotted him doing just that and approached him about working with our single groups. He speaks four languages fluently is full of energy and is a fountain of knowledge. A trip to Budapest would not be complete without Milenko there to oversee the trip.

Alison Bisset

Alison Bisset has worked in travel since she was 19 and has lived abroad for 15 years, most of which in Europe,  but had a 10-year break to raise her two children.

For the past 12-years, Alison has led group tours worldwide which she describes as an amazing and highly pleasurable experience.

Travel has always been a huge part of Alison's life and what ultimately made her who she is today. She still gets both nervous and excited waiting for her new group at the airport, and after forming strong bonds with her guests, she describes the end of the holiday as being quite emotional saying goodbye to them at the end of another fantastic tour.

Alison says, "we are strangers at the beginning, but by the end, new friendships have been formed, and we have experienced travelling through some of the most beautiful countries in the world together."

For Alison, this is not just the most interesting job she could imagine doing, but it is a vocation and privilege. It gives her both the chance to travel to wonderful places and also meet like-minded people from all walks of life who like me have a passion for travel, experiencing the true nature of a new country. Every day on tour is a new adventure for Alison and one that she loves to share with her guests.