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Our holidays include a certain amount of walking and we want to make sure you make the correct choice before booking with us. As a standard we recommend that all of our guests can walk up to one mile unaided, can manage two flights of stairs and can cope with varying terrains. On some city tours you may be on your feet for up to 90 minutes at a time with limited places to sit down.

All of our holidays are group tours and although we do everything, we can to accommodate every guest, this is not always possible. It is the responsibility of each guest to inform us of any mobility issues that they may have before they travel and we will advise if we think our holiday is suitable for you. We also advise any guests booked on one of our holidays to contact us straight away should their circumstances change between booking and departing on the holiday.

Holiday types

  • UK Breaks – These holidays are usually less physically demanding and ideal for guests who enjoy exploring at a leisurely pace.  However, on some of the guided city tours and excursions, you will be required to be on your feet for at least 90-minutes which will include periods of standing and/or climbing flights of stairs.
  • European holidays – Mobility recommendations on our holidays within Europe can vary depending on the destination. There will be at least two days where guests will be required to walk over a mile at a time on most of these holidays. These days are denoted in our brochure by a foot symbol so please do look out for this. Naturally guests can choose to enjoy their hotel and its surroundings on these days.
  • Further afield holidays – Our further afield holidays are some of our most active holidays and will include more walking within many different environments and over all kinds of terrain. These holidays will have a few days that will have the foot symbol and require more walking. We strongly recommend that our guests travelling on these holidays read the itinerary thoroughly before travelling and make the Tour Manager aware of any activities or tours they may find difficult.
  • Cruises– Although these are slightly more leisurely than most, we still recommend all guests to be able to walk one mile and climb two flights of stairs unassisted. These holidays will also involve walking along the ship’s gangway and the possibility of transfers from ship to shore in some ports.
  • Train holidays - On Eurostar there is no weight limit for your luggage but you should be able to carry and lift your bags safely. Each bag can be up to 85cm long at its widest point.

You will have to carry your luggage onto the train in the UK and to the end of the platform in Paris where porters will greet you and take your luggage to the awaiting coach for the journey across Paris to the connecting train station.  Here you will need to carry your own luggage onto the train, as well as on arrival at the final train station, carry it to the awaiting coach. Elevators and slopes will be available at all stations.

In our brochure you will find a range of holidays in various categories from ‘Relaxed Itinerary’ and ‘Scenic Beauty’ to ‘Classical Towns and Cities’ to ‘Cultural Experiences’ to ‘Sole Charter River Cruises’ to ‘Special Music Events’ to ‘Holidays by Rail’. This will help give you an understanding of what holiday may be suitable for you. Please note that each holiday we feature has varying amounts of activity levels, therefore we advise all guests to read the itinerary thoroughly before booking and then have an in depth look at all of the paperwork One Traveller sends to them once they are booked on the holiday 


  • We can organise airport assistance for any guests with mobility issues. This is a free service offered by the airport and must be arranged prior to departure. We advise guests to contact us at least seven days before departure if they require assistance.
  • All of our holidays include travel on coaches which have not been adapted for wheelchair access. A One Traveller Tour Manager will be on hand to assist any guests who need help on and off the coach. We do not accept wheelchairs or mobility scooters on any of our holidays.
  • Several of our holidays also include different modes of transport during the itinerary, including trains, boats and 4x4 vehicles. These can prove difficult for guests with reduced mobility.

If you contact us regarding airport assistance, we can of course action your request. We understand some guests worry about airports and prefer to have this in place to reduce any stress involved in travelling to your destination. If you feel that you may struggle walking from the check-in counters to the gate, please do note that the distance to the gate is usually the distance we recommend guests to walk unattended on our holidays and this should hopefully stand as a benchmark for you.


  • Our hotels are chosen based on the standard they offer and location. All hotels we offer will vary in facilities they offer so we strongly suggest you contact us before you travel if you have any concerns.

We also require that all of our guests can take full personal care of themselves. This includes punctuality, personal hygiene, self-awareness and the ability to manage themselves without the requirement of assistance or a carer.

Our Tour Managers are there for all of the guests travelling with One Traveller. Therefore, it is not their responsibility to solely care for an individual guest Following on from this, if a Tour Manager feels that someone may struggle with the activity scheduled for that day, they have the right to ask you to remain at the hotel to enjoy the hotels facilities and surroundings.

If you have any concerns regarding mobility issues on one of our holidays please contact us on 01760 722011 where we can discuss any particular holiday in detail. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30.