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Your Tour Managers

Your Tour Manager is the friendly and welcoming face of One Traveller during your holiday. They will be your companion during your trip, staying at the same hotels and dining with you. They will greet you at the airport, assist you with check-in and remain a friend to the group throughout.

Our Director was a Tour Manager himself before starting One Traveller, so knows the difference that the right person can make to a holiday. Each one is therefore carefully selected for their first-rate organisational skills, travel knowledge and – most crucially, their caring, sensitive attitude and ability to make people feel instantly at ease. They are the glue that brings a group together, ensuring that each person gets the most out of the experience and that nobody feels left out.

We are very proud of our Tour Managers and their impact upon our guests’ holiday experiences cannot be underestimated. Several of our guests book their repeat holidays just by knowing who their Tour Manager will be.

Our Tour Managers are all excited and raring to go.

Alison Bisset

Ali has worked in travel since she was 19 and lived abroad for 15 years. After a 10-year break to raise her two children, she returned to lead group tours around the world, something she describes as an amazing and highly pleasurable experience! Ali leads many of our holidays throughout Europe and in the UK. She also spends time in our office, so you could find yourself talking to her when you call us.

Jonathan Clarke

A Tour Manager for over 15 years, Jonathan describes his life as one big adventure. He loves meeting new people, which he says ensures his role never gets boring or repetitive, no matter how many times he has conducted a particular holiday. He says the best thing about tour managing is not just travelling the world, but also the satisfaction when guests say that they’ve enjoyed their best tour, or that they are excited enough to book another holiday soon after they get back home.

Robert Sharp

With well over a decade of tour management under his belt, it is no wonder that Rob describes his role as less of a job but a whole way of life. He has extensive knowledge of large parts of Asia, Europe, the United States and Australasia, meaning our guests get to experience their chosen destination to the fullest extent possible. Rob describes his greatest job satisfaction as knowing that his actions help make lifelong memories for his guests.

David Coatsworth

David is a recent addition to our family of Tour Managers. He cares passionately about his guests and that they enjoy the best possible holiday experience with him. He has considerable experience and a diverse career background to draw upon, ensuring that those joining his holidays enjoy a safe and unforgettable experience. David feels that travel provides an opportunity to discover, experience, and share, and to build friendships as we better understand so many fascinating and enjoyable aspects of our wonderfully beautiful and diverse world!

David Crawford

Currently living in Spain and having spent the last 27 years on the road as a Tour Manager, David is a charismatic chap who knows the world. He is fluent in Spanish, German and French (with more to come!) and loves to immerse himself in the areas he visits. There are few places in the world he is yet to visit, and you can be sure that this considerable experience will help you see the true face of your chosen holiday destination.

Phil Costis

A true veteran of the travel and tourism industry, Phil has almost 40 years’ experience which he is keen to impart upon his guests. He speaks French and Spanish and is known for his passion for travel, good organisational skills, and a strong sense of humour. Phil describes it as a privilege to work as a Tour Manager and says that his aim on every single holiday is to help guests make the most of their experience; to relax, feel comfortable and know they are being well-looked after.

Charles Darkin

Charles has lived in Prague for over 10 years and speaks fluent Czech. He is a qualified local guide there and also teaches English to local Czech students. If you join him on a visit to Prague, his aim will be to get you speaking Czech by the end of the holiday! Charles also escorts many of our UK-based holidays, bringing his cheerful nature and gentle humour along, while ensuring you are well looked-after and get the most out of your holiday experience.

Sandra Lena-Johnson

Sandra is a recent addition to our family of Tour Managers and comes to One Traveller with over twenty years’ experience. She describes her job as a great privilege and one that comes with considerable responsibility to her guests (or future friends we have not met yet, as she puts it). With international travel being a part of her life from a very young age, Sandra has found herself picking up new languages, customs, and history. This wide-eyed joy of traveling and what she describes as the richness and beauty of each country and its people, is something she excitedly shares with her guests, meaning those traveling with her (especially to Italy, or her native Croatia) are left eager to continue their adventures.

Richard Lord

Richard has lived in Italy and America and has travelled extensively as a tourist and Tour Manager. There are not many places left in the world that he hasn't yet seen! He says that being able to show people around the world is a great privilege and he enjoys immersing people in all aspects of the countries they’re visiting together - from the food to local traditions and cultures. Richard describes his best reward in the job as when his guests say how much they have enjoyed their experiences on tour.

Jan Lumley

Jan has worked in travel for over twenty years after a career in advertising. She leads One Traveller groups all over the world but her real passion is Italy and especially Lake Garda. Jan's love of the country’s culture, scenery, food and its fabulous cities is infectious! A visit to Italy with Jan will no doubt leave you wanting to go back time and again. Wherever you encounter Jan, you can be sure of her easy going and unflustered persona, borne out of considerable experience. This all adds up to mean a fantastic and relaxing break is all-but guaranteed.

Jana Martinikova

Much loved and highly praised by One Traveller guests, Jana has the right mix of organisation, knowledge, and care, all mixed in with a wickedly dry sense of humour. She consistently provides our guests a great One Traveller holiday experience and has developed quite a following. One of our longest serving and most versatile Tour Managers, Jana escorts our guests all over the world and goes to great lengths to ensure that a good time is had by all.

Carole McKenna

Carole brings a wealth of experience to her tours, having worked as a Tour Manager for 25 years. Her aim is to consistently provide a fabulous holiday experience for her guests from start to finish with a relaxed, friendly approach that puts people at their ease straight away. Carole escorts holidays in Europe, the UK and further afield, plus many of our sole charter river cruises. She has been instrumental (along with her colleague Penny Jones) in setting up our partnership with the Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor, Egypt, as part of our One Traveller Supports program.

Amanda Reed

Amanda has worked for many years as a Tour Manager, leading our holidays to Prague, Italy, Croatia, Austria, the Baltics, Poland, Oman, India and various UK destinations (to name just a few!) and has a true passion for travel. Amanda understands that travelling alone can be a daunting experience, particularly if this it is your first time. She works hard to make everybody feel welcome, included, and excited about their chosen adventure.

Richard Roberts

As a Tour Manager Richard has travelled to some 105 countries (and counting). Wherever Richard goes as a Tour Manager, he tells us he works to one simple motto "wherever I am travelling to and whatever style of holiday I am leading, I have a simple but important focus for each holiday: People come first, middle and last in our business." Richard escorts many of our UK-based holidays, plus visits to beautiful Prague. Additionally, he has well and truly found his sea legs on our ocean cruises.

Marsha Kargili

Marsha is new to the One Traveller family but has worked in the travel industry for over half her life, and as a Tour Manager for over 22 years now. Like most Tour Managers, she has a real passion for travel and tells us that she can no longer imagine doing anything else for a living. Marsha particularly enjoys showing guests around the varied sights of Italy and India and being on hand to help make amazing memories for all involved.

Heather Coumbe

Heather had worked passionately as a Tour Manager for almost 40 years and is thrilled to have recently joined the One Traveller family. She loves spending time with her guests, many of whom she thinks of as true friends, having seen them time and again on various different holidays. She loves when a guest arrives on their first solo holiday full of trepidation and then, before the week is out, they start talking about their next adventure because they've had such a fabulous time! She says "That's a great feeling!"

Simon Whatling

Simon joins the One Traveller family with a long history of travel, both in his personal life and professionally. He was born in Singapore, lived in Germany as a child and has worked in the travel industry for nearly 30 years. Simon enjoys not just visiting the sights of a chosen country but learning about the people who live there too. He is passionate about exploring different cultures and peoples and is keen to share this knowledge with those who travel with him on their holidays. 

Mark Goodwin

Mark arrives at One Traveller some 40 years into his journey through the travel industry. After his initial time as a Tour Manager, he took on several senior office-based roles, eventually retiring as Managing Director of his own company. He has now returned to what he enjoyed doing the most - leading groups.

Born and raised in South Wales, Mark is fluent in French and German. He also speaks ‘reasonable’ Italian, ‘passable’ Spanish, and some Welsh! He has taught in France and lived in Germany, Italy and Austria, as well as travelling extensively throughout Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, plus much of Asia. Mark is a keen classical music and opera enthusiast and something of an amateur historian.

Mark really enjoys meeting and getting to know new people and believes that every tour he leads should create great memories for everyone. He has a close attention to detail and makes a point of ensuring everyone feels included in the One Traveller Family.”

Dario Ghirlanda

Dario joins the One Traveller family with 20 years’ experience, leading tours in places as diverse as Ethiopia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan. With an Italian/Ethiopian heritage, he was born in Rome and has lived in Ethiopia and the UK. Dario loves to travel and enjoys interacting with different cultures and peoples. He is fluent in English, French, Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia) and Italian and has worked extensively as a translator. His award-winning abilities as a Tour Manager will ensure those holidaying with him feel well looked after. Dario enjoys hiking, is a keen swimmer, and plays football during his free time. The latter of these interests have been put to good use during voluntary work for good causes.

Nickie C

Nickie has worked all over the world as a Tour Manager and has many years’ experiences in the role, particularly in leading tours for solo travellers. She loves to travel and enjoys showing guests all those little hidden gems that may otherwise go unnoticed, especially in Italy and Spain where she lived for many years. Nickie speaks Italian, French & Spanish which certainly helps when travelling. Nickie is very popular with our guests and often joins our stand, at various travel shows as a way of further immersing herself in the world of travel. She understands that holidaying alone can be a daunting experience for many, and does her very best to ensure all members of her party feel included and welcome.

Jill Kogler

Jill is British born but has lived in the Austrian Tyrol for over twenty years, close to Kitzbühel. She speaks fluent German (with an Austrian dialect) and is very enthusiastic and passionate about her adopted home. With a daughter living in Tuscany, she is a regular visitor to Italy and has mastered the Italian language. 

Jill has been a part of the One Traveller family as a Tour Manager for many years and has escorted a number of our European and UK-based holidays. She understands that travelling alone can be a daunting experience, especially when doing so for the very first time. Her lively and chatty personality is ideal to help put any nerves to rest and ensure that everybody travelling with her has a fun and social holiday. 

Agnieszka Gruszkiewicz 

Aga harbours a long-held passion for travel and decided to follow her dream of working as a Tour Manager after 12 years of office roles with London-based travel companies. Having fallen in love with Switzerland many years ago, she has now made the country her home, indulging in her love of the mountains and her passion for scenic rail travel. Aga loves everything about travel and enjoys the act of meeting new people and showing off some of the wonders of Europe to those who travel with her. She can also talk endlessly about wonderful European cuisine…! 

With British and European heritage, Aga has a lively, fun personality and likes to make her holidays enjoyable and social events for all involved. “I am sure we will have a lot of fun together and I will make sure you come back home with a bag full of amazing memories.”

Jayne White

Having previously worked in many other parts of the industry in the UK and overseas, Jayne’s huge passion for travel and exploring the new places has led her to her current role as a Tour Manager – a job she describes as the best in the world!

Jayne likes nothing more than meeting and getting to know those who travel with her whilst escorting them on holiday. She works hard to ensure everybody enjoys their experiences and is sure to have you thinking about where to visit next.

Steven Taylor

Steven joins the One Traveller family with more than eight years’ experience as a Tour Manager behind him. A previous career in hospitality, during which he called some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and cruise ships his workplace, eventually gave way to a desire to share his years of accumulated knowledge and experience more directly with fellow travellers. Since becoming a Tour manager, Steven has led holidays all over the world, from the Caribbean to Japan, Europe, and Australasia, and has indulged his passion for all things nautical by leading cruises of European waterways and the world’s vast oceans.

Glen Cox

Glen joins the One Traveller family as an experienced Tour Manager, a role that has taken him around the world and incorporated coaching, walking, and cruising holidays, as well as more specialist singles holidays. His experience stretches from the Canadian Rockies to cruising Antarctica - taking in tropical yoga retreats and even working as a steward on private yachts in the South of France and Florida!

Glen’s love of travel has led him on his own adventures too, extensively covering most of Asia, Southern and Northern Africa, Europe, South, Central and North America. He has studied travel and tourism and taught English internationally. He says, “I love this job and the opportunities it presents to open guests’ eyes, expand travel horizons, and provide a fantastic holiday experience.”

Roberto Vultaggio

Born in North Africa to Italian and French parents, Roberto grew up surrounded by different languages and cultural influences. Travel was always going to be a part of his life and so it proved, with time spent living in Tunisia, France, Lebanon, Italy, Britain, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Oman. As would be expected from such a well-travelled existence, Roberto speaks a number of languages with fluency in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Dutch and good knowledge of Arabic. He is passionate about traveling and looks forward to sharing this enjoyment with guests joining his holidays.

Lynne Meadows

Lynne brings a wealth of experience to her holidays and those travelling with her will benefit from knowledge accumulated over 40+ years in the industry. From leading coach holidays around western Europe to in-resort excursion management in Madeira, to adventurous peeks behind the Iron Curtain on escorted holidays in the Soviet Union, Lynne’s life of professional travel means she is perfectly placed to help you get the most out of your holiday and to show you all those hidden treats of your chosen destination.

Julie Connolly

Julie brings a wealth of travel experience to her holidays, and is eager to pass on her enjoyment, excitement, and enthusiasm to those joining her on their adventures.

Having left behind a role in office management, Julie started her new life in travel as a tour guide, escorting war veterans on visits to former battlefields across northern Europe. Bitten by the travel bug, her expertise gradually expanded into tour management and to leading holidays further afield. Now, as a well-travelled Tour Manager with experience leading many types of escorted holidays, Julie arrives at One Traveller and is keen to settle those first-day nerves, be a friend to the group, and show our guests the fantastic sights that their chosen destination has to offer.

Serena Saffouri

With considerable world-wide experience in organising VIP hospitality events and travel itineraries for well-known sports teams and large companies, a holiday with Serena is sure to feature more than a little superstar treatment for you and your fellow travellers.
Serena’s expertise has taken her around the world, particularly on the Formula 1 and professional golfing circuits, giving her a unique insight into each country and its particular customs. Her love of travel, fantastic organisational skills, and vast accumulated knowledge of the places she has visited make for a fantastic combination that we are sure will be a hit with our guests.

Petr Berka

Your tour manager is Petr Berka who lives in Prague and an expert guide as well as a tour manager . Petr is a qualified anthropologist and guide and has written books about the country and city. Petr has guided many a One Traveller holiday to Prague and enjoys the company of One Traveller guests and prides himself of his service and attention to detail. He enjoys getting to know those who travel with him and he understands that holidaying alone can be a daunting experience for many and does his very best to ensure all members of his party feel included and welcome.

Steven Minchin

Steven’s twenty plus years as a Tour Manager have taken him around the world, visiting five continents and escorting guests of all ages and many different nationalities. He takes great pride in his role and strives to learn more about the world we live in. Steven enjoys researching the destinations he travels to so he can advise guests on how to get the most out of their holiday experience. As a One Traveller Tour Manager, he understands that travelling alone can be a daunting experience, particularly when doing so for the first time. Steven knows he is there for our guests and is always happy to have a chat or help with any queries.

Lisa Chadwick

Your tour manager is Lisa Chadwick who has been working in travel for over 30 years including overseas representation and leading tours . Lisa feels she is very lucky to be able to learn about new cultures and places, she is well travelled and loves river and train journeys. Lisa enjoys getting to know the people she is travelling with and is dedicated to showing off which ever destination One Traveller guests are visiting. She understands that holidaying alone can be a daunting experience for many and does her very best to ensure all members of her party feel included and welcome.