Don’t change a thing a thing excellent start to finish. Amanda was very very good. Choice of food and eating places excellent. 10/10  Sri Lanka - 7 Mar 19 (Thomas J)

Well planned!

This was a wonderful well planned holiday with something for everyone. The stays at the Habaran and Tissimaharana were especially memorable for their lovely settings. One could not fault the Grand Hotel in any way. Mount Livinia was... Read More Sri Lanka - 7 Mar 19 (Rachel P)


Jill was fantastic, hotel was great, especially the room.  Felt well looked after throughout. Loved the table number at dinner.  Viareggio Carnival - 28 Feb 19 (Sandra )'H.)

Totally Enjoyable

I really enjoyed the whole trip, and the Carnival was amazing. We had excellent weather which was a bonus. 10/10  Viareggio Carnival - 28 Feb 19 (Stella G.)


The Viareggio Carnival was astounding. Jill made our experience amazing even though this was a first OT visit! When you leave your One traveller holiday you feel as though you have become part of a new exciting family. 10/10  Viareggio Carnival - 28 Feb 19 (Margaret H.)


I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia, my first with One Traveller. I had a marvellous time. Meeting our tour guide David and our fellow travellers at the Radisson Blu the evening before the trip broke the... Read More Vietnam & Cambodia - 28 Feb 19 (Lesley G)