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Holidays For Singles Over 50s

Our solo holidays for over 50s are designed with you in mind. We understand that travelling solo can be a daunting prospect at first, and our aim at One Traveller is to make that process as stress-free and seamless as possible. We look after everything, including the smallest details to make your journey a breeze. With One Traveller, every customer gets their own double room, cooked meals, excursions and lots of extra little touches included with the headline price to make the experience one to remember. Not a single supplement needs to be paid with One Traveller. 


Our Locations

Our holidays go to a large variety of locations spanning across 35 different countries! We go all over Europe, Asia, Africa and North America so wherever you want to go, we have a package to suit your desires. Whether you have a busy social life but are struggling to find someone who shares the same interests in destinations as you, or if you have a partner that does not wish to travel we are here to help you find a new way to explore the world and find a new way forward in life.


What Our Holidays Offer

Our holidays also offer a great opportunity for you to meet and build relationships with similar individuals to yourself. Due to the nature of our holiday offerings, many of our customers are similar and find long-term, good friends after embarking on an adventure to a dream location with us. 

No one is ever left out with One Traveller, and you can join in and partake in every group activity that is arranged on the trip, or you can explore to your heart's content with the help of the expert advice that will be provided by our specialist holiday guides. Our guides are more than just local experts, they are personally chosen for their friendly, outgoing and caring nature. 


The Perfect Opportunity 

So why not pluck up the courage and embark on a once in a lifetime dream holiday today? Everyone starts somewhere, and we have our own forum full of experienced solo travellers who will help you on your way. They have all personally experienced our solo holidays, so who is better to ask? We also offer pre-holiday get-togethers to help you get to know everyone you'll be travelling with beforehand. 

We've also put a lot of time and effort into creating a detailed FAQ section which will give you the information you need when you are deciding on your dream location. Join the thousands of others that have embarked on their dream holiday, be yourself and experience something that will make you a better person. 

No matter which solo holiday you decide, we look forward to showing you a new way forward in life. Whether this is your first solo holiday or your tenth we have offerings that are sure to make you fall in love with the world again.