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Richard Lord visits America

Posted 22/03/2023 : By: Netmatters Support

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One Traveller Tour Manager is currently in America making sure that our upcoming Rocky Mountaineer & National Parks Tour is ready for all our guests in September! 

He says: 

"I hope everyone is enjoying travelling again. Either looking back on a recent tour with fond memories, on holiday or looking forward to your next adventure. 

 At the moment I’m in America checking that all is good for the upcoming Rocky Mountaineer & National Parks Tour in September. I would just like to share some of the elements of the tour with you. They say a picture paints a thousand words, there are no pictures that can truly show how stunning this part of America is and there are not enough superlatives to try and describe it. 

 We start in Denver; ‘The Mile High City’, the State Capitol of Colorado. A growing, contemporary & cosmopolitan city. The hotel couldn’t be more centrally located to enable you to explore this city’s many highlights that include a world class art gallery & of course The Capitol Building. There are many wonderful restaurants abound to cater for those that live in the apartments springing up downtown. Denver is a very walkable city and has a nice relaxed feel to it. A stark contrast to the city scape are the incredible Rocky Mountains peeking through the buildings. 

 The Rocky Mountaineer Train ride is definitely on a par with its sister train in Canada. Two days spent crossing The American Rockies, experiencing the high standard of service that the train staff provide. Experience fabulous cuisine as the scenery goes by through the windows like theatre. 

 On to Moab, a great base to visit Arches & Canyonlands National Parks. Landscapes that have been carved by nature over millions of years. Canyonlands is a magical landscape on a scale that is hard to comprehend. Whereas Arches is more like a landscape from another world. 

 Utah, Colorado & Arizona have some of the most awe inspiring landscapes in the world.  

Grand Junction is another great base to see one of the many highlights on this tour that being The Colorado National Monument. This is one of my top five roads in the world to travel on. It’s only 24 miles but the scenery is breathtaking. 

 We travel to Durango over The San Juan Mountains. A scenic road that takes you at elevation through some of the most glorious mountain landscapes in America. 

 Durango is a small town with a feel of the old west. The Silverton Railroad journey is awesome (there you are I’ve said it!!). An amazing journey that takes you back through time with lovely views along the route. 

 Mesa Verde has such a wealth of history. The Ancestral Pueblo Cliff Dwellings reflect ancient Native American Culture. On this tour we experience the world of The Navajo, Southern Paiute, Zuni & Hopi tribes amongst others. When we think of American History some may think that it is limited. America has such a rich and complex history over a shorter period of documented time than some other countries in the world. 

 Monument Valley is on The Navajo Nation. A backdrop for many western films, namely those of John Ford. This is one of the many landscapes on this tour that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Landscapes & natural beauty are the focal point of this tour. It has taken nature millions of years to create & craft these scenes for us to experience. The Colorado Plateau, buttes and mesas are abound. 

 Moving to The Grand Canyon. There are simply no words or pictures that can describe or show this most amazing feat of natural beauty. 

 Bryce Canyon is an amphitheatre of small monoliths or Hoodoos. These hoodoos are sacred to The Native American Peoples. 

 Zion is set in a valley of gargantuan cliffs formed over 250 million years. Once under water this landscape went through a series of uplifts to reveal what it is today. 

 Last but not least we visit Las Vegas. Everyone should see Vegas once in their lives. At night the place comes alive with so many lights. Enormous casino complexes that resemble cities and places throughout the world. World class theatre & restaurants line The Strip, a six mile boulevard of amazement!!! 

 This is an incredible adventure through an area of America that is one of outstanding and truly incredible beauty on another scale. You will think that the next day couldn’t get any better but it does…The destinations are incredible but it’s also the journeys to get there that will take your breath away. 

 If you are thinking of what to do in September then join us on this American Odyssey. If you’ve been to The East Coast or California or even Canada then this tour is very different and I’m sure that once you’ve experienced it you will see that it is yet another part of America that is just unbelievable. 

 See you soon 


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