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Pet care options!

Posted 08/08/2023 : By: Jamie Titmarsh

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Pet care options to choose from when you are going on holiday

Booking yourself a solo holiday with us here at One Traveller is an exciting time as you may be stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a leap, particularly if you have not had the One Traveller experience before. You may also be taking another step for the first time in the sense of leaving a pet companion behind at home whilst you’re off on your travels.

We understand how important pets are to your home life as they bring so much joy, so it is not hard to see why the UK is a nation of animal lovers. Our loyal One Traveller guests are no exception. Recently, we conducted a poll on our One Traveller Facebook page to find out the types of pets that our travellers own. In this article, we take a look at the results and provide our expert tips for arranging pet care so you can sit back and relax on your new adventure.

What pets do our One Traveller customers own?


Unsurprisingly, cats and dogs reign supreme as the most common pets that One Traveller customers have as companions. Of the total votes, 33% of our travellers have dogs and 33% have cats. Additionally, 4% of One Traveller guests keep fish as pets.

Commenting on the poll, Nadya Durrant, Head of Marketing here at One Traveller, says: “It is so heartwarming to see how many of our wonderful guests have a companion at home in the form of a loyal pet. Whether they have four legs, two legs, feathers or fur, pets are part of our family and if you are considering booking a holiday with One Traveller for the first time, your first thought may be who is going to take care of my pet?

“Your pets deserve to have a fun and relaxing holiday as much as you do so we have provided some options you can consider when it comes to arranging their care whilst you are on an adventure with One Traveller”.

What options do I have for arranging care for my pet when I’m away?

Hire a pet sitter

If you think your pet would benefit from remaining in your own home whilst you are enjoying an unforgettable experience with One Traveller, then one of your options is to hire a pet sitter. These are professionals that visit your home to carry out basic needs for your pet such as giving them food and water and letting them outside for the toilet if needed. If you have a dog that they are taking care of, the pet sitter will also take them for a walk.
Some professional pet sitters also offer overnight services which may be useful if you have a dog as they can’t be left alone for long periods of time. If your pet has any additional needs, an overnight pet sitter can keep a closer eye on them.

Boarding kennels or catteries

Boarding facilities are specifically designed to temporarily look after your pet and provide a safe, comfortable, and supervised environment whilst you are away. Boarding kennels typically feature individual kennels or runs where each dog is housed during their stay. These areas are spacious, clean, and are equipped with areas for rest and play. With catteries, they also have similar areas where each cat is kept and their need for privacy is also kept in mind.

Boarding facilities also offer opportunities for your pet to socialise with others which they might not have whilst at home. Kennels offer regular exercise and playtime for dogs as there are designated areas for them to run and burn off energy. Equally, catteries often allow cats from the same household that get along well to stay in the same enclosure to reduce stress and encourage socialisation.

In-home pet boarding

Some pet care individuals or pet care businesses offer in-home pet boarding services where your pet goes to stay at their home for the duration that you are gone. If your pet is unable to stay in your home for whatever reason then it may be beneficial to consider in-home pet boarding.
Being in a home environment may destress a nervous pet that may not do so well in a kennel or cattery space. In-home pet boarding professionals often take in a limited number of pets at a time, meaning your pet can get lots of attention and cuddles whilst you’re away - ideal for pets that don’t like being in large groups or have specific needs.

Veterinary clinics

If your pet is older and is prone to bouts of poor health, placing them in the care of a veterinary clinic during your trip away could dispel any worries about leaving them when you go on holiday. Some vet clinics offer boarding services as an option for those who need to temporarily board their pets. Unlike other boarding services, veterinary boarding services are provided within the veterinary clinic itself. If you’re worried about your pets health, booking a place at a veterinary clinic boarding service will do wonders to put your worries at bay.

Nadya added: “Nothing should stop you from booking up the trip of a lifetime and hopefully these petcare options will provide you with some comfort by knowing that you don’t have to miss out on exciting experiences because of responsibilities at home. 

“As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and reuniting with your pet when you come back from holiday will be a wonderful moment for both you and your pet.”

Plan your paw-some holiday today!

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