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A plea from us! Rewards, use them or lose them!

With January 31st looming we have almost 400 unclaimed Rodina Rewards that are due to expire. These rewards were issued on August 30th to all guests who in the past had taken 5 or more holidays so that as we launched the Rodina Rewards programme we recognised your past loyalty and truly wanted to show our appreciation.

Please note that you must declare to us that you wish to use them against a booking. If you made a booking prior to August 30th please do not assume that the reward has been automatically deducted from your balance. Check your invoices, log into the portal or call us to check whether you have a reward outstanding.

As rewards issued on August 30th are written against an operational tax year as our biggest ever giveaway we CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to extend the January 31st expiry date......USE IT OR LOSE IT...we really want you to reap the benefits of your past loyalty.

You can also pass these to a friend as a gift...just email us to give us their details.

For details of Rodina Rewards and terms and conditions please click the below link!


Daniel Adams - Head of Product & Marketing - 19th January 2020