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Daniel Adams - 15th May 2018
With immediate effect One Traveller are acting on concerns regarding the treatment of Elephants in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
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One Traveller Senior Product Manager Karl Buck talks about what makes his perfect holiday

Karl Buck - 8th May 2018
On which holiday can I find the best food?
Our holiday to Puglia, in southern Italy, is packed with delicious, authentic cuisine and much of it is a regional or very local speciality. The region is much less developed for mass... read more ›

One Traveller Product Coordinator Luke Abendroth talks about his love of Swiss scenery and trains

Luke Abendroth - 27th April 2018
What was the most spectacular thing you saw in Switzerland?
Switzerland is a country full of natural beauty and stunning scenery but even with breath-taking views around each corner it is hard to beat that first glimpse of the Matterhorn. The Gornergrat... read more ›

One Traveller Product Coordinator Darren Case tells us of his love for Vietnam

Darren Case - 20th April 2018
Why choose Vietnam & Cambodia as a holiday destination?
Both countries have a huge amount of history and culture. Add to that the vibrant colours and smells and it all makes for a perfect holiday for solo travellers. Our... read more ›

One Traveller Product Manager Nicky Holder talks about Italy and what makes her perfect holiday

Nicky Holder - 17th April 2018
Why choose Italy as a holiday destination?
Visiting Italy is a bucket list entry for a lot of people... read more ›

Introducing Tristar Chauffeur Services...

- 10th April 2018
Many of you asked for a door to door pick-up service and we listened, One Traveller are thrilled to announce our customers will now receive a specially negotiated 10% discount on all journeys and a further 10% discount for all transfers over... read more ›