The home of the Hollywood Sign, Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, Disney Land, the White House, Ben and Jerry’s, Coca-Cola and Levi’s - everyone feels they know something of this immense, diverse and beguiling country. Yet visitors should still feel prepared for surprises.

Each state has its own way of life and each town its own personality. Brimming metropolises, such as LA, Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City, have their own iconic landmarks, entertainment, culture and cuisine. Captivating Deep South cities, such as New Orleons, Atlanta, Nashville and Memphis, enjoy a unique atmosphere, colonial architecture and world-renowned music scene.

In the beautiful big outdoors, towering mountain peaks, endless rolling plains, lush rainforests, tropical beaches and redwood forests all vie for your attention.

The sleepy, pristine villages of New England offer a feast for the senses with their whitewashed clapboard houses, freshly caught seafood, cinnamon-spiced lager and colourful autumn forests. Ride the world’s oldest mountain railway which climbs the summit of New England’s highest mountain, Mt Washington.

Elvis Presley changed music forever in The Deep South, which alongside its rich musical culture is also famed for its friendly folk with wonderful southern accents, plantation homes and great cities, including New Orleans which holds the world-renowned Mardi Gras parade every Shrove Tuesday.