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The second largest country in the world after Russia, Canada has only about one-fifth of Russia’s population. The majority of the 35 million Canadians live within 200km of the border with the USA, leaving vast expanses of awe-inspiring wilderness to the north.

Canada has an endless variety of landscapes to explore: towering mountains, vast lakes, temperate rainforests, lush orchards, sparkling glaciers and a craggy coastline. Thanks to this diversity, animal lovers have their pick of large mammals to admire, from polar bears and grizzly bears to whales and the country’s iconic moose.

Unsurprisingly, Canada’s inhabitants have an overwhelming sense of pride in the beauty of their land and in the rich history and culture of its cities. To the west, in British Columbia, is the laid-back city of Vancouver where the ocean meets the mountains.

In Eastern Canada there is a wealth of fascinating cities: multicultural Toronto is home to the country’s largest theatre district and film industry; Capital Ottawa has manicured green spaces and striking government buildings; French-speaking Quebec is the only walled city in Canada; and vibrant Montreal is built on an island in the St Lawrence River.

Also in eastern Canada, Niagara Falls are more than just a magnificent sight, they also bring hydroelectric power to nearby cities.