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While the population of Hungary may be small (only 10 million), its cultural and historical riches are huge. With more than a thousand years of history, Hungary isn’t short on architectural gems, from Roman ruins and medieval townhouses to baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and Art Nouveau bathhouses and schools.

Despite being a landlocked country, Hungary is by no means deprived of water features: it holds the largest lake in Europe, Lake Balaton, and is crossed by mighty rivers. Capital city Budapest is carved in two by the Danube River, with Buda on the Western side and Pest on the Eastern Bank.

The older part of this striking city, Buda, features an historical castle district with cobbled streets, and the newer town, Pest, boasts the largest parliament building in mainland Europe. Hungary is one of the most thermally active countries in Europe and Budapest in particular is famed for its public thermal baths.

Hungary’s language is completely different to its neighbours (Austria, Slovakia and Serbia) and its exotic feel extends to its hearty cuisine, world-renowned wines and passion for folk and classical music.