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Croatia has been described as paradise on earth with its rugged scenery, ancient walled towns, glittering waters and warm Mediterranean climate. Coastal mountains sweep down to the Dalmation Coast, a 1,300 mile stretch of numerous islands and reefs, quiet coves, stone-built fishing villages and lovely beaches.

Set between the Balkans and Central Europe, the land hasn’t always been so peaceful, having been ruled by Byzantines, Croatian Kings, Venetians, Austrians and Italians, who have all left their indelible marks. This rich cultural legacy born of continual dislocation includes the Roman settlement of Split, where Emperor Diocletian built his leisure-time home, the Diocletian Palace. Wander the labyrinth of medieval streets or sit on the “Riva” overlooking the Adriatic watching life go by.

Sibenik is the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic and is home to the most significant architectural monument in Croatia, the Cathedral of St Jacob. A great base for exploring neighbouring Bosnia and Montenegro, the beautiful coastal town of Dubrovnik is distinctive with its orange roofs and medieval walls that can be walked along.