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The Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

Posted 19/12/2016

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Travelling solo is a great way to experience more of the world without having to worry about a friend or family member coming with you and not enjoying what you want to do. Finding someone to travel with can be hard, and not having to depend on others who may be tied down by their jobs or struggling to save up opens you to freely travel the world without cause for concern.

Although solo travel is much easier, there are still some challenges to overcome. The biggest challenge for those looking into solo travel is one that is common to all types of travel; it’s the question of where do I go? There is a range of destinations that can be visited, so get your bucket list ready as we run through our 5 favourite places to visit solo for the first time (in no particular order!). We've linked to each destination's tourist board website, so if you need any extra information please feel free to browse their resource! 

1) ThailandThailand is a great location to visit, known as one of the friendliest and most hospitable places on the planet. It’s also very cheap, which is surprising because it offers both a vibrant night life, beautiful beaches, tropical jungles and quiet culture all in the same country.

Transport is easy too, with Thailand being known to have one of the largest backpacking followings in the world, so whether you pick the east side or the west side, you’re bound to find yourself smiling with a cold beer, chatting to the locals whilst enjoying the tropical sun.

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2) Sri LankaFew destinations can match the beautiful and diverse conditions of Sri Lanka, which is known for its rich wildlife and natural landscape. Sigiriya is known as the eighth wonder of the world to many, and the natural park, Horton plains and Galle fort are all destinations known for otherworldly beauty and elegance.

This holiday is much more than just a normal get away, it’s a way to get away from the British climate, tune in with the wildlife and experience a diverse culture. Bird and animal lovers will adore what Sri Lanka has to offer, with sweeping horizons and a mix of luxury within the resorts to match.

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3) MoroccoMorocco is one of those destinations which is close to home, has no time difference and is perfect for an exotic climate winter getaway. Morocco is home to a range of languages and cultures, where ancient and modern collide.  The country displays a range of European flairs throughout, after it was under French rule in the early to mid-1900s.

It’s diverse landscapes, fascinating cities and rugged coastlines make this a great place to visit for anyone, Morocco truly does have something for everyone. It’s a truly beautiful place, and is a truly rich experience perfect for the first solo holiday.

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4) CroatiaCroatia is one of the many destinations that has an infrastructure designed for tourists, making solo travel easy and organised. Its landscape has led to the common name of “paradise on earth” with rugged scenery, ancient towns, and a warm Mediterranean climate. The coastal mountains sweep down to the Dalmation coast, which is a 1300-mile stretch of islands, reefs, coves and fishing villages – of course featuring fantastic beaches to match.

From the national park of Krka, to the oldest city in Croatia Sibenik, and the Elafiti islands, Croatia is a great place for those who want to get away and experience a tourist centred location that provides a unique experience, great culture and fantastic weather.

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5) CanadaCanada is the second largest land mass in the world, after Russia, but only has about one fifth of the population of Russia. Most Canadians live within a 200km radius of the US border, leaving masses of awe-inspiring wilderness to explore. The huge range of landscapes, from towering mountains, vast lakes, rainforests, sparkling glaciers and craggy coastlines make Canada one of the most natural land masses in the world, with a beauty and rich culture that is unmatched by most.

The Niagara Falls are one of the highlights of Canadas many offerings, showing off the true beauty of the world we live in. The three drops create the fastest flowing body of water in the world, and has been harvested for energy use intelligently in a way that does not ruin the natural beauty of the infamous location.  

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Travelling Solo Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Travelling solo is not such a difficult task today, with many likeminded individuals travelling to their dream destinations on a daily basis. It allows you to meet and make friends with a range of new people. It’s more than just a holiday, it’s experiencing thing’s you’ve always wanted to first hand, and culturing yourself.

Want to travel solo?

If you want to travel solo, why not have a look at our range of great destinations? Most of our travellers are mature 50+ year olds who are looking for a similar thing to you. 

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