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Lake Bled - 4 Jan 17

Having returned from the above holiday I wanted to send feedback but having searched fruitlessly for my form I hope that this email will suffice.

Can I say first of all that I did appreciate the pre-holiday care that you took, including ringing up just beforehand to make sure that all was in order for us.

The whole tour was extremely well planned with a good mixture of excursions and free time. The hotel Golf was in an excellent location and I would recommend paying the upgrade to a lake view (waking up to such a picturesque scene was wonderful). The hotel staff were friendly, the food choice (being buffet style) was good. There was also the Pool/Spa for rejuvenation after trips out. No snow though but when we took a trip to the mountains we did see a little. Special thanks to our coach driver too!

The tour manager Susan was well informed, very efficient and did everything she could to make things go smoothly. We had the unfortunate flight delay and had to be transported to an hotel for the night. However she made sure that we were all informed as much as possible and taken care of by the new hotel.

This was my first One Traveller tour and having travelled widely with other singles companies I can see that you are aiming to go that extra mile with your service and on the result of this holiday I found this to be true so I will certainly book with you again should the right holiday come up. I tend to do more long haul so have to do a bit of saving up first!

I do hope that this is enough feedback but please let me know if you need any more information.

Best wishes,

Mo C