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Delhi, Royal Rajasthan and Bombay - 19 Jan 17

Dear Everyone at One Traveller!

Where do I begin to thank you for my most incredible holiday to India? It has been the most memorable of holidays, filled with wonderful sights, sounds, smells, chaotic driving, delicious meals, fun and laughter with all my amazing fellow travellers, seeing a tiger and sloth bear, riding on an elephant, staying in fabulous hotels, visiting the stunning Taj Mahal and so, so much more!

However, special thanks to you all for making this dream of mine come true. Very special thanks to Ian and Emma for running this fantastic company and making sure everything runs so smoothly. Thank you to Sue for tirelessly helping me with my online visa that refused to download my photo! Getting my finger prints done at passport control in Delhi was as bad! A HUGE thank you to the lovely Jana who looked after us from start to finish. Her patience, kindness, thoughtfulness and stamina was wonderful. I hope our paths may cross on another trip one day. Thank you to Rishi, our local tour guide. Full of excellent knowledge and stories but let's not forget those jokes!!! Like Jana, he looked after us so well and helped to make this trip very special. Lastly, thank you to Gurnam, our brilliant driver and Shiva who made sure we had water and that our suitcases were on board. What a team effort!

One Traveller's attention to detail is incredible. They go above and beyond others and strive to make it an exceptional holiday, where the only thing you need to worry about is being at the bus on time in the morning! Then you have the intense excitement of what the new day brings.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a trip I will never forget.

With very, very, best wishes to you all

Suzanne S