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Christmas in Saxony - 22 Dec 17

Just to say how much we enjoyed our Christmas in Dresden. Having stayed in the hotel before on the Berlin/Dresden holiday, we knew to expect the very good hotel that it is, with a very high standard of food.

As usual, David went the extra mile and could not have done more. I don’t know how he finds the energy to constantly monitor everything and check on us all, and all the extra kindnesses that he does. It all went like clockwork and the small blip of the broken shaft on the horse and carriage ride to the station didn’t matter at all. It was a lovely day, weatherwise, and I for one was far more concerned about the two lovely horses getting cold, than for missing a train ride. Somehow David managed to coordinate the two groups of us and the coach and driver, and whilst the train ride was missed, which wasn’t a big issue, the whole day went very well indeed with everyone’s needs being accommodated.

It was great having him travel both ways with us. It does make such a difference to have the tour manager with us the whole time. My airport assistance went well and efficiently and I was very glad of it.

Barbara F