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Cheshire - 23 Dec 18

May I thank you all very much for the excellent Christmas holiday and the little gift! Phil was a splendid Tour Manager - he soon knew everybody's names the skill of havingf been a teacher I think! and was always there for us throughout the holiday. The outings to Buxton and Chester were very good, especially the latter and the lunches provided were most welcome as were all the meals - too much of course but then it was Christmas.

I have never been away for Chriostmas before, but your organisation is so good at making people feel special. The call from Luke before we left was really appreciated. Thank you for your Christmas Card too. After the splendid tri[p to Prague, Vienna & Budapest in 2015 I wrote thanks in verse to Jana. Haven't managed that this time, but the gratitude is no less sincere. 

Valerie B