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Refill Not Landfill

Posted 05/02/2018

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To promote more sustainability in travel, be environmentally friendly and offer complimentary safe, purified drinking water to our guests One Traveller have partnered with the ‘Refill not Landfill’ campaign. Currently in Cambodia alone visitors use more than 350,000 plastic bottles a day! Only a few are recycled, so the majority of them end up in the countryside, streets, lakes and rivers or in landfills.

On our holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, each guest will receive a refillable aluminium 600ml souvenir bottle to keep! Safe purified drinking water will be available at various refill stations on route which include some of our hotels, many historical sights and on board our coaches and our Tour Managers and local guides will always point these out.

The ’Refill not Landfill’ project is looking at other countries to expand this worthwhile endeavour in and we hope to be able to offer this in more destinations in the future.

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