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Posted 12/09/2018 : By: Netmatters Support

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At present One Traveller uses up to 330 reams of paper, that’s 165,000 sheets of paper a year, to process all information required for our guests to have an enjoyable holiday. This is the equivalent of 20 trees every year! We are always striving to make steps to improve our impact on the environment, our next step means that, along with our guests, we can all work together to make a difference. 

In the coming weeks, all our guests who have supplied us with their email address (which is over 90%!), will receive all holiday confirmations, useful information, payment details and advice and balance payment confirmation details by email. This way you will have all documents so that you can create a file in your email inbox specially dedicated to your holiday and there will be no more lost paperwork, waiting for the postman and nothing gets lost in the mail!

Guests for whom we do not have an email address will be sent all details by post and at any time if you would prefer to receive paper copies in the post then simply just ask us. For your final holiday details, that we send out 14 days prior to departure, we will always send these by Royal Mail (for all UK residents) as we know that receiving the final documents, pouring over them and studying everything in detail helps build the excitement for that upcoming well-earned holiday!

Nothing else has changed

We still take great pleasure in talking to you when you phone to book your holiday, ask questions and the stories about the sights you have seen, the extra touches and service of our Tour Managers you have enjoyed, and the new-found friends you have made whilst travelling with us. We are still the same family-run team at the end of the phone…. but now we are just a little bit greener!

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