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Take our quiz and discover your dream holiday destination!

Can't decide which of our many holidays to book, take our fun quiz to find out which is your perfect match.

Q1: Are you new to the wonderful world of solo travel?

A: For first-time solo travellers, our Prague Deluxe holiday is a winner. We Praguerecommend the six-day visit as a perfect introduction to our holidays for many (nerve-soothing) reasons. Steeped in history and rich in architecture, the Czech capital is only an hour-and-a-half flight from London and we stay in the same four-star hotel throughout so there is no uprooting. We understand and pay particular attention to any apprehension our guests may feel on this holiday, which has two tour managers instead of the customary one. Prague was the first holiday we offered, back when One Traveller launched in 2007. We know this charismatic city so well and our itinerary runs like clockwork.

Also see our Budapest holiday (Q2), where guests stay in one centrally located hotel and are looked after by two Tour Managers.


Q2: Would you like to see a city which, despite enduring centuries of hardship, is at night more beautiful than Paris?

Our new six-day stay in Budapest will give you endless opportunities to drink in its bittersweet beauty. Its rich Budapestarchitecture stands in stark contrast to the bleak austerity under communism. Straddling the River Danube, the Hungarian capital is a magical combination of suburban Buda, with its historic castle district and medieval streets, and Pest, which boasts vast parliament buildings, riverside promenades and coffee houses. Excursions head to Lake Balaton, Szentendre as well as tours of the Parliament building (to see the crown Jewels) and the St. Stephens Basilica.


Q3: Do magnificent cities and their architecture hold you captivated?

A: On our new 10-day Baltic Capitals holiday you can immerse yourself in three enchanting cities, with architectural Baltic Capitalsinfluences from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Russia. With cobbled streets and Gothic architecture, the Estonian capital of Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in north Europe. Latvia’s Capital Riga boasts the largest number of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. Vilnius in Lithuania enshrines remnants of ancient Lithuanian, Jewish and Polish cultures.

Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

Also see our Rome and Sorrento (Q5) holiday for awe-inspiring grandeur!


Q4: How about visiting the focal point of the end of the Iron Curtain?

A. Our seven-day Berlin & Dresden holiday takes you to a much-changed capital of Berlin & Dresden solo holidayGermany, which is undergoing resurgence. Its history of two opposing ways of life can be explored on our many excursions including Checkpoint Charlie and Museum Island. Risen from the rubble, Dresden has been rebuilt post-WWII using original stone and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Also see our Budapest holiday (Q2)


Q5: Do you want to see a whole host of world-famous attractions on one holiday?

A. Admire the jaw-dropping beauty of Rome & Sorrento on our eight-day holiday, Rome and Sorrento Italy singles holidaywhich takes you to see one great attraction after another. Since the foundations of Rome were laid over 2,700 years ago, history has gifted Rome with a wealth of architecture and art, from the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica, to painting and sculpture from the likes of Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Raphael. Next stop is the coast and the stylish Sorrento, which is the perfect location for exploring the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri.

Also see our Budapest holiday (Q2)


Q6: Do you want to see and explore as much as possible? 

A: For those who like to be on the go, our new eight-day, two-centre holiday to Poland: Krakow & The High Tatras Krakow singles holidaysis sure to appeal. Soak up the many sights and sounds of Krakow, a beautiful medieval city which was the former capital of Poland, before heading to the mountain resort of Zakopane, where wooden chalets nestle amid crystal-clear lakes. In Krakow, guided excursions will take you to the Cloth Hall with its handicraft stalls, the historic Jewish quarter, the Schindler factory and the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mines. There’s evening entertainment aplenty including a Chopin concert and Polish Highlander Folklore show.

Also see our other multiple-centre holidays: Baltic Capitals (Q3); Prague, Vienna & Budapest; Berlin & Dresden (Q4); Rome & Sorrento (Q5); Moscow & St Petersburg (Q7).


Q7 Do you like your destinations to be rich with political intrigue?

A: Our Moscow & St Petersberg holiday issure to fascinate. We start in Moscow, the birth place of Moscow and St Petersburgcommunism and political heart of Russia, where the Kremlin stands majestic over Lenin’s Mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. An express train ride will take you to St Petersburg with its lavish palaces, fashionable boulevards and serene canals.

See also see our Berlin & Dresden holiday (Q4) (and our separate St Petersburg holiday)


Q8: Can you hear the coast calling?

A: With its quiet coves, fishing villages, secluded islands, coastal mountains, palmtrees and olive plantations, Croatia’s Dalmation Coast Croatiais a heavenly blend of Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Our new-nine day holiday starts in Split, home to Diocletian's Palace, where you can stroll, shop or simply relax by the Adriatic sea. Connect with history in the port town of Dubrovnik, where alongside plazas and chic boutiques are ancient palaces, churches and monasteries.


Q9: Does a variety of modes of transport float your boat?

A: Two boat cruises, a steam train ride and a cable car ride offer the perfect vantage point for admiring theThe tranquil Black Forest setting of countless Brothers Grimm fairy tales on our Black Forest, Switzerland & Alsace holiday. This is a relaxing eight-day escape amidst wooded hills, rolling meadows and charming towns and villages. Excursions head to the Alsace wine-growing region, the Vosges mountains of France and the Rhine border area of Switzerland. A slice of Black Forest gateau is obligatory.

Also see our Lake Bled holiday (Q14), with its multiple modes of scenic transport.


Q10: Does a country’s cuisine top the menu for you?

A: For a complete taste of Tuscany, our new nine-day stay offers an indulgent menu of stunning Tuscany is a warm and inviting destinationcountryside, dotted with olive groves, vineyards and hilltop villages, and Renaissance cities such as Pisa, Lucca, Siena and, of course, Florence. This is interspersed with world-class cuisine, fine wine and artisan chocolate; just to keep your energy levels up.


Q11: Do you have a passion for opera?

A: Our Verona Opera Festival holiday is a five-day feast for the senses including two stunning Verona Opera Festival 2015performances in one of the world’s most remarkable opera houses, the Arena di Verona. Based in the elegant medieval city of Verona, you’ll also get to visit Lake Garda and enjoy a tour of a Valpolicella vineyard.

Also see The Deep South, USA holiday for another musical adventure.

Q12: Do you want to escape urban life and immerse yourself in spectacular natural landscapes?

A: For a breath of fresh (alpine-scented) air, look no further than our eight-day holiday to the Austrian Austrian LakesLakes & The Tyrol, where crystal-clear lakes from which you can drink, emerald-green forests and impressive mountain scenery await you. This is one of our most popular holidays and includes a lake cruise and a visit to the quintessential alpine setting of The Tyrol.

Also see our new Eastern Canada holiday (Q20) for breathtaking scenery and beautiful old towns.

Q13: Are you looking to kick back and relax on holiday?

A: If you want a slow pace with little travelling about, our eight-day Lake Garda & Venice escape is the Lake Garda holiday for you. We stay on the lakeside in the heart of the Riva, a tranquil and unhurried medieval town. With the grandeur of the Alps as its backdrop, Italy’s breathtaking lake is a wonderful setting for some serious relaxation. Breathe in the scent of sundrenched citrus and olive groves, stroll through charming old towns and villages, and enjoy treats like wine tasting and afternoon tea. Ah, bliss. To make life even easier, the holiday includes all excursions, including guided city tours of Verona and Venice.

Q14: Do you fancy a holiday that only requires a moderate amount of walking, but still want to explore new horizons?

A: Our seven-day Lake Bled holiday may be just the ticket. Slovenia is still an unspoilt, little-known gem and its glacial lake in the Lake Bledmountain-fringed town of Bled is quite something. Ease into gentle days spent exploring by multiple modes of scenic transport – boat, train, horse and carriage, and cable car.

Also see our Black Forest, Switzerland & Alsace holiday (Q9).


Q15: Are you looking for a destination further afield offering a new cultural experience?

A: Fasten your seatbelts: our holiday to China is a trip of a lifetime. Now extended to 15 days, the visit is packed with cultural highlights Explore China in 2015(think Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors) and natural sights (fields of water buffalo and giant pandas at close quarters). Try your hand at Chinese cooking, ride in a rickshaw and have lunch with a local family. Then sit back and enjoy the Peking Opera, Tang Dynasty Show and world-famous Shanghai acrobats.

Also see China & The Harbin Ice Lantern Festival, Sri Lanka (Q16) or Thailand.


Q16: Do you love nature, animals and birds?

A: From lush tropical vegetation to lakes, mountains and the cooler climates of the hill country, Sri Lanka Sri Lankahas a bio diversity that will thrill nature-lovers. Our 16-day holiday takes you from the bustling capital of Colombo, via the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and the Royal Botanic Gardens to the golden sands of the Indian Ocean. Excursions include a scenic train ride through tea country, a mangrove boat trip and a safari in Yala National Park.

Also see our Thailand holiday.


Q17: Do you want an exotic destination but not a long-haul flight?

A: Escape the winter to a warmer climate of Morocco, where a touch of the exotic is closer to home than Moroccoyou would think. Just three hours from London but seemingly worlds apart, this new 15-day adventure is full of amazing, contrasting sights and sounds. A magic-carpet ride of a holiday, you’ll take in the Sahara Desert, snow-dusted Atlas Mountains, Imperial Cities and the trail of the Kasbahs.


Q18: Maybe you’ve never quite got round to visiting the famous cities of America?

A: Book onto our 14-day Boston, New England & New York holiday and we can put that right, in Boston, New England and New Yorkstyle. We travel in the Fall/Autumn when the forests of New England offer a burnished backdrop to our journey to Cape Cod, Plymouth and Boston. Freshly caught seafood, whitewashed clapboard houses, picket fences, cinnamon spiced cider...it’s everything you imagined and more. And we haven’t even got started on the Big Apple.


Q19: Does soul, country, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz get your feet tapping?

A: This is the soundtrack to our 15-day Deep South, USA holiday, which encompasses the music, Civil War The Deep South, USAhistory and the unique culture of this part of the USA. We’ll take you on relaxed city tours of Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans, with numerous excursions including Elvis Presley’s Gracelands, a private Delta Blues concert and a Mississippi cruise. There’s so much to see and do in this land of cotton, where the wonderful southern accents are as tuneful as the rich musical history.

Also see our Deep South Mardi Gras Special holiday.


Q20: Is the natural wonder of Niagara Falls on your must-see list?

A: Our new Eastern Canada trip includes a visit to these thunderous waters, and much more besides. Niagra FallsStaying in the heart of Quebec City and the centre of Ottawa, this 12-day holiday brings you breathtaking scenery, beautiful old towns and classy cities. Ride the famous Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls, and explore the world-class art collections and museums of Toronto, the home of Canada’s theatre and film district. In capital city Ottawa, you’ll visit the striking government buildings on Parliament Hill that stand watch of the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal.

- 2nd March 2015