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A message from Ian and Emma

Posted 21/09/2020

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A number of our One Traveller family of guests have been asking how One Traveller Director’s Ian and Emma Darkin, Jack and the twins have been doing. After a bumpy start, arriving into the world over two months early and receiving amazing care at our local neo natal intensive care unit (NICU). Also, a number of you, joined in on our lockdown walk round your gardens to help us raise money for NICU where we raised over £5,000 which was a great joint effort to thank our excellent front line workers.

We are thrilled to tell you that at nine months old all are thriving and although sleeping well still need a slight time readjustment as they believe that the day starts at 4am! Last week the team at One Traveller had another visit from the twins and the most frustrating thing is everyone wants a cuddle but we are all observing current protocols.

Francesca Grace – spent just a month in hospital before being allowed home and is now rolling around the floor and sitting herself up, loves going out in the car but observes everything with a serious eye on exactly what everyone is doing, add to that she is a little grumpy when she is woken up so, she has some traits that may have come from her father… although like her dad quickly recovers and laughs at her sisters antics!

Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Edith Hope – spent almost four months receiving amazing care from our wonderful NHS staff and all during the start of lockdown when, at one point, due to a scare all parents were asked to leave the unit without prior warning. She is still growing and has to catch up on her sister. She has a truly infectious smile, which needs little prompting, and lights up the room, even first thing in the morning. She giggles easily and loves ‘peek a boo’ and being made to jump by big brother Jack.

Favourite food: Banana Porridge

Jack Darkin – proudly started school two weeks ago. Where has the time gone! Jack can be heard constantly singing and telling stories with a great imagination so perhaps we have a budding author in the future? He certainly is making his parents proud by being a huge Norwich City fan as well.

Jack is really showing great sensitivity with both sisters and stepping into the big brother role, yet doesn’t like it when Francesca cries, but when Edith does, she is allowed to due to her more troubled start in life.

A message from Ian and Emma – thank you all so much for the kind words over the last few months which has been an immensely testing (and tiring beyond belief!) time both for us, as a family and as a holiday company. With the great team at One Traveller and our extended family of loyal guests we are all getting through this together. The messages we receive at One Traveller from you all have really been a boost, especially when everyone has had a turbulent year and had holiday plans cancelled. Onwards and upwards and we can all began to look forward to a better future.

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