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5 Essential Travel Accessories

In order to assist our One Traveller’s as much as we can, and following feedback from you all, we’ve reached out to Go Travel and have secured some of the most important travel accessories; for use on our brilliant tours.

Here’s our rundown of the 5 most important, and stocked, travel accessories;

Travel Lock

1) Brass Key Lock - The idea that anyone could go through your personal items, regardless of their material value, is - quite simply - not nice. You can be rest assured that, with the purchase of the Go Travel bag lock, you won’t have any unwanted hands rummaging through your things.


Travel Passport Pouch

2) Passport Pouch - When it comes to vital travel documents; passports, tickets, wallets/purses etc, discretion is the aim of the game! With our stocked slimline passport pouches – small enough to wear under clothing, yet big enough for your important documents and valuables – you can remove some of the anxiety and panic that often sets in at the check-in-gates.


Travel Bottles

3) Cabin Bottles - In this day and age, the liquids that can be taken on-board a plane are very limited, as a matter of security. In order to prevent your favourite hand/face lotion being either a) stored in your checked luggage, for the duration of the journey or b) thrown away; you need to adhere to some quite strict rules. Fortunately, we’ve sourced the perfect cabin bottles that you can fill with your desired liquids ahead of the flight, without fear of breaching rules.


Travel Ear Plugs

4) Quiet Zone Ear Plugs - Planes are noisy. There are no ifs, and no buts, about it. If you want to be well rested, when you arrive at your destination, catching a bit of sleep on the plane is a must. Our quiet zone ear plugs will remove some of the background snoring, chatter and general noise provided by your fellow passengers and cabin-crew.


Travel Adaptor

5) Mini-Global Adaptor - Going away without the essential power adaptor is just no good anymore. Perfect for charging your Kindle, using your own hair-drier and charging your phone, ready for the occasional check-in call to loved ones back home. Our global adaptor is suitable for; EEC countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Far East, Scandanavia, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Central and parts of South America and Carribean islands.

Don't leave the purchase of these until you get to the airport - where costs will be, undoubtedly, inflated - have a peruse of our travel accessories page. Stocked with for more comforts, and accessories, perfect for making your trip that little bit easier and more comfortable.

One Traveller - 15th November 2016