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The largest country in the world, Russia stretches from the borders of Belarus and Ukraine to the Ural mountains, over 1000km east of Moscow. Formerly a powerful tsarist empire and a Communist superpower, Russia is as rich in heritage as it is in wealth. A diverse landscape where burnished imperial splendour coexists with icy Siberian tundra, Russia is both breathtaking and baffling.

The birthplace of communism, Moscow is an urban sprawl punctuated by fascinating attractions, including The Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. Remains of the Soviet era are scattered all over the city.

Refined St Petersberg stands in beautiful contrast to the hedonist hub of the capital. Known as the “Pearl of the Baltic”, Russia’s second largest city is home to exquisite architecture (palaces of Pavlovsk and Peterhof, and The Hermitage Art Gallery) combined with an intricate network of canals. Once the richest city in Europe, St Petersberg is made up of 101 islands, hence its other nickname “Venice of the North”.