As a responsible travel company, we feel it is both our duty and our pleasure to be putting something back in to the communities we visit and to help some vulnerable people enjoy a better quality of life.

Every time a guest travels with us we make a contribution to these wonderful projects and great causes, and really help make a positive impact. Our supported projects are:

Our supported projects for 2021 are:

The Silverline

Loneliness in later life can affect anyone. We’ve partnered with The Silver Line to help raise awareness of their efforts to combat this and to offer real support in helping them towards their goals. The charity was launched by Dame Esther Rantzen in 2013, in response to her own feelings of loneliness following the death of her husband.

They are the UK’s only 24-hour, free, confidential helpline for vulnerable and isolated older people, offering information, advice, or a simple chat.  

On partnering with One Traveller, Dame Esther said the following:

“I think One Traveller and The Silver Line have so much in common because the vast majority of people who ring The Silver Line are on their own. They may be living on their own or perhaps living with someone they care for.
Loneliness is the biggest problem they bring to us. For me, the great value of One Traveller is that you offer FUN. And I believe that fun is not only life enhancing but life preserving. If we had something to look forward to that makes tomorrow a hopeful destination. This is what One Traveller offers their guests and it is what we try to offer our callers too.”

Find out more about The Silver Line by visiting their website

Sunshine orphanage, Luxor, Egypt

Close to the hearts of our Tour Managers Penny Jones and Carole McKenna who have both gained a first-hand insight during their time escorting our Cairo & Nile river cruises. The centre provides assistance and shelter for some of the many street children of Luxor, as well as those from impoverished families who struggle to provide the most basic care for their young. Catering for all ages, the orphanage offers an education and more practical skills to steer the children to a healthy and more prosperous future. Guests choosing to join their Tour Mangers for a visit during their Egyptian holiday (during which we will drop off our latest practical supplies) can look forward to an energetic and fun-filled play time! 

Project Ladli, Jaipur, India

This centre houses and helps around 60 girls, teaching them various skills and also offering informal classes in Hindi, English and dance. For guests on our Northern Indian holidays, there is an opportunity to visit and meet these charming pupils and their guardians and see at first-hand the practical support we continue to provide. In 2019 this has included power generators, bedding for the children and graduation dresses for the girls.

One Traveller's Lockdown Walk for NICU

Neo-Natal (NICU) units

Our One Traveller family welcomed two new members in 2019, Francesca Grace and Edith Hope Darkin (daughters of One Traveller founders Ian and Emma). The twins were born on the 12th December 2019 weighing 3.5 and 1.3lbs respectively. Both girls spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). For Edith it was a long 105 days. As an entire One Traveller family we remain eternally grateful to the team and we have chosen to show our gratitude by supporting their continuing work. Our support will help to pay for the most up to date equipment, ensuring that staff are able to receive up to date training and that parents are supported with great facilities throughout their journey. NICUs across the country provide incredible care in the most difficult of circumstances and we are proud to support their services.