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5 Top Tips for Single Traveller Holidays

Posted 04/05/2016

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1. Use a Specialist Tour Operator

Despite continued growth, mainstream holiday booking operators, persist in overlooking single traveller holiday offerings. Many will actually impose a high, and somewhat unfair, single person supplement charge. However, if you book with a reputable, specialist operator like ourselves, you’ll not only get the peace of mind that comes with the biggest travel operators – ATOL and ABTA protection – but you’ll also get a holiday that’s tailored specifically for solo travellers.

This means that you won’t be stuck in a tiny little room, and treated like a mere afterthought, but that you’ll be among likeminded single travellers; experiencing some of the finest resorts, and getaways, that the world has to offer.

2. Research and Embrace Your Cultural Destination

It may sound somewhat rudimentary, but there really is nothing better than ensuring you’re fully prepared for your holiday in advance. From researching the forecasted weather for your break, to plan your ‘wardrobe’ accordingly, right through to discovering what to expect from the local culture and sites of interest, it’s always best to conduct plenty of research beforehand. There are plenty of online forums, and sites, that allow you to reach out to fellow travellers - that have already been to your potential holiday destination - and will be more than happy to discuss.

Upon arrival, it’s time to embrace the local culture!

3. Say ‘Yes’

We’re all a little bit guilty of being overly reserved and, possibly, being reluctant to try new things – especially when we’re at home and in our comfortable surroundings. Breaking away from our routines, however, is the perfect excuse to embrace change and start saying ‘yes’ more often.

Sample local delicacies and cuisine, partake in seasonal festivals and events and – above all – just have an amazing time. Just make sure that you don’t have any ‘oh, I wish I’d tried…’ or ‘I should’ve done…’ feelings left, by the time your holiday ends.

4. Make New Friends/Mingle

If you’ve already taken on-board our first tip, then this bit should be easy. Based on advance bookings - in 2015 - more than a third of Britons booked to get away alone, and this number is likely to continue to grow. If you’re booked in with a single traveller holiday specialist, you’ll already be among a whole host of potential friends.

Don’t be afraid of heading out to the nearby restaurants, bars and pubs and befriending the staff and local customers.

5. Enjoy the ‘Me’ Time

There’s no denying that meeting new friends, and like-minded individuals, is a truly rewarding way to spend your time on holiday but you shouldn’t overlook the solace that time alone can also afford. Having a bit of time away from your normal day-to-day activities, interactions and responsibilities is the perfect opportunity to embrace some of the quietness and solitude.

Use your periods alone to stop worrying, unwind and switch-off. Make the most of your holiday and make sure that you’re heading home with – not only new friends, unforgettable experiences and a plethora of amazing memories – but also fully relaxed, revitalised and content.

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